The solution to your own coffee brand.

We partner with social media influencers, corporate enterprises and other digitally enabled brands to build their very own, high end coffee brand.


Why add coffee to your retail outlet?

It's simple, 'coffee' is one of the largest industries in the world. With it's ever growing popularity, more and more, companies and influencers are wanting to work with us. 

Why Collaborate with Coffee?

Zero Investment

When we partner with a digital brand or influencer, we're looking for a partner who can bring an audience to something they are passionate about, but we don't ask for a financial investment.

Award Winning Roasters

When you partner with Collab Coffee, you're working with an already established coffee business in JavaHub, with roasting experience of 100 years and substantial commercial prowess.

Unique Customisation & Integration

With every client no matter the size or experience, we will work with you to customise to your brand. We also look to seamlessly integrate our systems to work with your stores.

Booming Industry

It's Coffee! Although it's been around forever, the popularity is ever growing year on year. With ongoing subscriptions and regular returning visitors to order more, you'll be silly to not involve coffee in your business plans.

Optional Marketing Campaigns

Not to brag, but at Collab Coffee we see ourselves as masters of this field. So why not use our optional marketing campaigns to improve the visibilty of your brand new coffee brand. 

Complete Operational Partner

We do everything for you. From Website, Fulfillment, Packaging Design, Coffee Roasting and Marketing (if requested), Collab Coffee takes care of everything from order to delivery to your customer.


Ongoing Income for Influencers

Sustainable income is difficult for most influencers, but with a repeatable purchase or subscription of coffee, your guaranteed a payout every month.



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